Privacy Policy

Sumitomo Rubber Australia (SRAU) is committed to maintaining the privacy of customers or other individuals visiting our website or interacting with the company in any other respect. This policy outlines how we (SRAU) use and disclose information collected.


Handling Personal Information

We hold personal information in paper and electronic form. As such we have implemented strategies in order to prevent the misuse, loss, and unauthorised access.


Purpose of Collecting and Using Personal Information

We may collect personal information about you if you partake within a specific service we offer, including but not limited to: surveys, competitions, and e-mail inquiries. We may use this information to better tailor services to stake holders. Such information is at times relayed to; third parties who are contractually obligated to confidentially and securely handle information, government/ industry bodies who we are required to report to under requirements such as regulations, laws or guidelines (some of which may be based abroad).

The company does not collect information which infringes upon an individual’s rights (such as race, ethnic background, beliefs and ideology, legal records or health conditions). However, exceptions are made when stipulated by law, in which case an individual’s consent is required.



When you register for certain competitions, memberships, you will be prompted with a message to either “Accept” or “Decline” to the Terms of Service and any further Privacy Policy. If you “Accept” you will be deemed as having consented to the collection of personal information.



The site may use cookies in order to provide an enhanced user experience. However, you may disable the use of cookies which in turn may hinder user experience. Disabling cookies from your browser allows you to refuse the setting of all or some cookies, dependent upon your browser.


Linked Sites

In the instance that there is an external link, as the company does not have any control over external parties, it does not bear any responsibility or guarantee. Thus, you are advised to review the relevant privacy policies in relation to the website you wish to visit.


Complaints, Disputes and Suggestions

If at any stage you have any complaint or dispute in regards to our compliance with the Privacy Act, you may wish to contact the company using the contact information below. This act entitles individuals to obtain access to personal information which may be held by us by contacting the relevant Privacy Officer. If you feel you are dissatisfied with our response or we have failed to respond you may lodge a complaint to the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC) who investigates privacy complaints from individuals.

SRAU, is happy to take suggestions on board and encourages such users, in order to further enhance the online experience of users. If you wish to suggest any improvements please send a letter to the address listed below.



32 Riverside Road, Chipping Norton, NSW 2170